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NZ Sauvignon Blanc Uncorked – Defining a national staple

Sauvignon Blanc has become the powerhouse of the New Zealand wine industry, almost to the point that you cannot bring up one without the other. However, its history in the country is not as long as one would expect, and many are working to ensure the future of the country’s most important grape variety. Harrison Davies explores why Sauvignon Blanc has come to define New Zealand.

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Crushing it: wine canning and production

Although still a small segment of the market for wine products, cans saw the greatest increase as a proportion of wine packaging market in the 2010s. Changing technologies and attitudes toward alternative wine packaging have allowed a niche to become more accepted.

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Young Gun – Charlie O’Brien

Charlie O’Brien continues the tradition of wine running along family lines. And he has been exposed to the industry since he was just a boy. Harrison Davies spoke with the young man who is quickly becoming a household name amongst those in the know.

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Young Gun: Dan Graham, Sigurd Wines; Wine from Valhalla

YOUNG GUN Dan Sigurd Graham Wines from Valhalla This month, journalist Samuel Squire took the longboat to Norway (not really) to chat to November’s Young Gun, Dan Sigurd Graham. Dan has a remarkable family history and a heritage that has helped shape his career in Australian wine. . In Norse mythology and legend, Sigurd was […]

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