Calling all environmental champions for the Landcare Awards

National Landcare Award Winner 2021, Andrew Stewart (left) with his family. Image courtesy Landcare Australia

Recognising individuals, groups and organisations that are making outstanding contributions to caring for the environment in their local communities, the Landcare Awards are now open for nominations.

Non-for-profit group Landcare aims to unite communities across Australia for a common purpose – preserving, protecting, collaborating and innovating to restore and protect our natural assets. In the wake of global climate challenges and natural disasters like drought, bushfires and floods, Landcare has never been so important.

Each state and territory has multiple Landcare Award categories, recognising Australians who actively engage in climate action and work to create healthier, more resilient and productive landscapes and resilient communities. From volunteers and farmers, to landholders, land care groups, First Nations people, the next generation of land carers, and environmental community groups, the Landcare Awards program acknowledges the diverse range of individuals and organisations committed to addressing local environmental issues.

“Many parts of the Australian environment are under pressure from the impacts of climate change, habitat loss, invasive species, pollution and resource extraction,” said Dr Ian Cresswell, co-chief author of ‘State of the Environment Report 2021’. “Landcare plays a key role in promoting environmental conservation and sustainable land management and helping repair and restore our natural environment.”

“Not only is that good for the environment but it’s good for us too – regenerative land management and Landcare volunteering have been shown to have human health and wellbeing benefits supporting improvements in mental and physical wellbeing, belonging and community resilience. Let’s celebrate all who participate and help to raise their profile in the community.

“I urge us all to take this opportunity to celebrate the great work of Landcare and to nominate your local champion for the work they do for all of us.”


“Landcare exemplifies the resilience of individuals coming together from all walks of life to safeguard and nurture our agricultural lands and natural environment,” said former senator, Bob Brown. “The Landcare movement is built on collective spirit and environmental stewardship: it is an inspiration on our planet where environmental loss is so prevalent.

“It’s great to see the Landcare Awards program honouring the wonderful diversity of people involved in preserving our natural landscapes, strengthening communities and leading innovations in agriculture and conservation right across Australia.

“So, I encourage everyone to join us in acknowledging the extraordinary achievements of the Landcare community by submitting nominations for the Landcare Awards.”


Landcare Australia CEO, Dr Shane Norrish, said:

“Landcare represents the strength of people from all walks of life working together for a common purpose — to protect and manage our vital agricultural lands and natural environment.”

The 2023 State and Territory Landcare Awards shine a light on Landcare’s greatest asset – the diverse range of people involved in land care activities responding to local issues. Whether it’s their dedication to preserving the natural landscape, their commitment to their communities, or their leadership in the agricultural sector, these accomplishments remind us that the spirit of hands-on environmental stewardship that underpins the land care movement is stronger than ever before.”

For over 30 years, the Landcare Awards program has honoured the unwavering dedication and efforts made by individuals and groups from rural and urban communities. Landcare is a grassroots movement with over 6000 groups and 140,000 volunteers that deliver a range of positive environmental and community outcomes.


The Landcare Award categories are:

  • Australian Government Climate Innovation Award
  • Australian Government Sustainable Agriculture Landcare Award
  • Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award
  • Australian Government Community Partnerships Landcare Award
  • Coastcare Award
  • First Nations Landcare Collaboration Award
  • Women in Landcare Award
  • NextGen Landcare Award
  • Woolworths Junior Landcare Award


For more information about each category, who can be nominated or to nominate individuals/groups for the awards, visit:


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