Calabria’s Vintners & CO. welcomes Doña Paula Argentinian Wines to distribution portfolio

Doña Paula in Argentina. Image courtesy Calabria

Calabria Family Wine Group’s international distribution arm Vintners & Co. Merchants has welcomed Argentinian wine producer Doña Paula to its global wine portfolio, with the wines now available to purchase.

Established in 1997, Doña Paula is founded on an estate winemaking philosophy with 100 per cent of its fruit sourcedfrom its very own vineyards in select areas of the high-altitude Mendoza wine region.

While the name is known for producing premium Malbec, the winery also produces award-winning Torrontés, Chardonnay,Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Doña Paula is also accredited by the Bodegas de Argentina Sustainability Protocol as a certified sustainability managed winery and is one of 10 Argentinian wineries to be certified.

Its wines are consistently rated highly by international wine critics, with Robert Parker regularly scoring Doña Paula’s malbec releases 90 points and above.

“Doña Paula offers an incredible mix of value for money and premium Argentinian wines that we know Australian wine lovers will enjoy,” Sales & Marketing Director Andrew Calabria said.

“We have seen the incredible excitement and growth around malbec in the market, so feel confident that Doña Paula will be able to offer a diverse and authentic selection of Argentina’s premier red grape variety here in Australia.”

The initial portfolio of Doña Paula wines to land in Australia will focus predominantly on the winery’s premium Malbec.

Doña Paula joins a selection of premium wine producers in the Vintners & Co. Merchants distribution portfolio, which now includes Deutz Champaign, Dow’s Port, Librandi, and Canti Prosecco.


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