Better access for Australian wine exports to Thailand

The Federal Government has today announced a simpler process for Australian producers exporting wine to Thailand. Australian exporters can now use the simpler Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Model Wine Certificate which eliminates onerous testing and analysis requirements, delivering an estimated $1.2 million cost savings to exporters in the next three years.

Around 3,600 different Australian wines have entered the Thai market in recent years. But since September 2019, there has been a requirement for wines entering Thailand to undergo onerous testing for a whole range of substances.

The new, simpler process will reduce the administrative burden of arranging test samples to be shipped overseas, reduce the time to market by up to 3 months, and reduce barriers for Thai importers, with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of Australian wine.

Thai and Australian officials have worked for more than 18 months to deliver this outcome, with assistance from Wine Australia and the Australian Wine Research Institute.

The Government’s recently released Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040 highlights incredible opportunities for Australian wine in the region. Southeast Asia is also one of the fastest-growing markets for Australian agricultural exports. Our wine exports are a key part of the diverse range of agriculture and food products that Australia exports to Southeast Asia, valued at around $89 million per year.

Thailand is a significant and growing diversification market for Australian wine, with exports more than tripling in value over the past three years to nearly $58 million.

The new $19.2 million Southeast Asia Business Exchange (SEABX) initiative will help give Australian exporters greater exposure to the region, helping them diversify their trade and improve long-term profitability of exports.

“Australia has a close and growing trading relationship in wine with Thailand,” said Murray Watt, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. “This is another great step in promoting Australia’s status as world-leading wine producers to countries in our region.

“Expanding market access allows us to share our award-winning wine with Thailand, growing demand for Australian wine, helps to offset the current domestic oversupply and diversifies our export opportunities.”

“Our new Southeast Asia Business Exchange (SEABX) will help Australian exporters and investors make lasting connections in these important diversification markets,” said Trade Minister Don Farrell.

Further information on the requirements for exporting Australian wine to Thailand can be found on the Wine Australia website.

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