ASVO annual viticulture seminar to be split over two half days

The annual Viticulture Seminar run by the Australian Society of Viticulture & Oenology will this year be spread over two separate Friday afternoons — the first in July and the second in August — and cover two distinct topics: ‘Maintaining Established Vineyards’ and ‘Establishing New Vineyards’.

Previously run over a single day, the new format of the Viticulture Seminar is in response to the needs of growers.

“The new format of two half-days considers the needs of growers who will be able to do necessary vineyard work in the morning, and then attend the seminar in the afternoon,” said ASVO president Andy Clarke.

“The annual ASVO Viticulture Seminar is always of vital interest to grapegrowers and vineyard managers. It’s the only seminar that is focused on the specific needs of viticulturists in Australia,” Clarke continued.

He said the two topics of this year’s seminar — to be held from 12.00-4.00pm on 21 July and 4 August — were very relevant to the current situation in Australia when economic viability is top of mind. Many growers were facing decisions about ageing vineyards that are showing decline in yield and quality. Others were considering whether to replant vineyards to different varieties or in better locations.

“The ASVO’s 2023 Viticulture Seminar will provide practical relevant information to assist growers under both considerations,” Clarke said.

The first session on ‘Maintaining Established Vineyards’ will cover topics such as comparing vine age performance; vine age and economic viability; replacing old irrigation; pruning for longevity; field grafting and changing height/canopy structure.

The second session on ‘Establishing New Vineyards’ will address quarantine for imported cuttings; clones and alternate varieties; vineyard and irrigation design; as well as pest control, nutrition and weed management for young vines.

The 2023 ASVO Viticulture Seminar will be held at regional hubs to allow attendees to network and discuss the topics with their peers or watch online if they cannot attend a regional location.

Attendees can register for one or both sessions. The cost for both sessions is $190, with the discounted rate of $133 available to ASVO members.

Register here for the ASVO 2023 Viticulture Seminar.


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