A new look at the Swan Valley wine region

The Swan Valley Winemakers Association (SVWA) has launched its re-branding to better reflect the region it represents.

The current generation of Swan Valley winemakers are drawing on the experience and old vines planted by their forebears in Australia’s second oldest wine region, creating modern expressions of historic varietals and reimagining the region.

The Swan Valley Winemakers re-branding reflects the excitement for the future of the region while holding close the values of the past.

A refreshed website along with a suite of new videos promoting the Swan Valley as a wine region aims to provide a new view of the offerings of the valley.

The Swan Valley is just 25-minute drive from Perth, where the SVWA says wine travellers can enjoy being not just in Western Australia’s oldest wine region but experience the diversity of a modern and thriving wine community.

The Swan Valley opens up many alternatives for visitors with its unique heritage, mix of boutique and modern cellar doors and restaurants along with easy access to its many attractions.


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