WISA refreshes association in name, look and connection

New WISA logo. Image courtesy WISA

WISA, the association that represents wine industry suppliers in Australia, has undergone a renaming and rebranding as the industry enters a new post-pandemic era.

The organisation, now titled Wine Industry Suppliers Association Inc, hoped the new branding would help to communicate the group’s efforts to forge international relationships.

WISA chair Jason Amos said it was time for the association to take on a bold new look.

“We needed to be more inclusive of our international members’ reach, so at the recent Special General Meeting, members voted unanimously to update the name and our association rules including a Code of Conduct,” he said.

Members and interested parties have been consulted over how they find the most value from being part of the wine industry community.

The feedback revealed the need for “simplicity, understanding value and opportunities to do more”.

Membership is now simplified for each business to “corporate member” for all staff or for sole traders and members will then be able to ‘pick and mix’ sponsorship opportunities and event engagements, as well as a range of activations.

WISA Executive Officer Shirley Fraser said the new approach was a result of consultations with people throughout the supply chain.

“Over my first 12 months in the role, we’ve listened and literally connected the dots for our members, providing new opportunities and protecting our association brand for the future,” Fraser explained.

“Ultimately, there was the need to articulate our value proposition and the ways in which we operate for the long term, not simply for a one-off event but for strategic goals of engagement, and we believe the new brand and prospectus highlights this.”

The new WISA logo presents vibrant red, black and white replace the plum and grey of the previous design, with stronger branding and impact.

Taking two of the dots and connecting them, akin to a handshake or links in the value chain, the association believes the interconnectedness of business is reflected.

Until now, WISA has been known as Wine Industry Suppliers Australia; the ‘A’ in the name has been replaced with association.


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