Wine the Riot way now at The Cannery

The Riot Wine Co. team announced this week of the opening of their cellar door, based out of their Brompton address in Adelaide, South Australia.

Open Wednesday through Saturday 11am-4pm, wine enthusiasts can now sample any of Riot’s 12 wines on tap, poured straight from the keg.

Riot said they are showing how sustainability and quality are expressed in their unique methods of wine packaging.

The label produces wine solely for cans and kegs and is one of the only wineries in Australia to do so, completely skipping the glass bottle.

Winemaker Tom O’Donnell told Winetitles, “We completely revamped the traditional winemaking process to accommodate our wines. They’re meant to be enjoyed fresh and young right from the tap or the can”.

Riot said, “We will be pouring our new products like our fresh Pinot G, it’s suited to the incoming warm weather”.

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