Wine industry bodies announce the One Sector Plan

Words Harrison Davies

Wine industry bodies Wine Australia and Australian Grape & Wine (AGW) have announced a strategic plan that will aim to guide the industry with cohesion – entitled the One Sector Plan

The plan will aim to identify the priorities of the wine sector and inform on areas like research, marketing, advocacy and regulation.

In their announcement, Wine Australia CEO Martin Cole and AGW CEO Lee McLean said the One Sector Plan came as a response to the multitude of challenges that have faced the industry in recent years.

“We have a resilient sector that is no stranger to challenges. But the perfect storm of issues we’ve encountered since 2020 is unprecedented. There’s a need to work together to collectively address the issues facing everyone, rather than going it alone,” they wrote.

“This is why in September 2022 the Boards of Australian Grape & Wine and Wine Australia collectively identified a need to lead the process of developing a One Sector Plan – to be informed by the sector, for the sector.

“Our strategic response should reflect the significant scale of these issues and their impact on growers, producers and exporters.

“We need to get our heads together and ensure there’s strong alignment, collaboration and innovation to tackle the challenges (and opportunities) we’re facing, both collectively and effectively.”

According to the announcement, the plan will outline challenges and opportunities within the sector, provide strategic direction through clear objectives and timelines as well as providing clear alignment on the overall strategic intent but allowing autonomy at a local and regional level.

“We’ve met with State and Regional Associations to discuss how best to engage with our community, and we’re working with them on local workshops to discuss the issues and priorities that are critical for you and your region,” the CEOs continued.

“We will also ask everyone to complete a survey to help us further refine what the One Sector Plan will capture.


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