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2010 vintage report for Tumbarumba (New South Wales)

Supplied by the Tumbarumba Vignerons’ Association Growing season: There were no major frost events this year which saw strong growth and a very even flowering across the region. Temperatures were below average throughout the spring and summer; this set the region up for some excellent fruit quality. Some untimely rain in early March did see […]

2010 vintage report for Shoalhaven Coast (New South Wales)

Supplied by the Shoalhaven Coast Wine Industry Association Growing season: An early budburst and fruitset occurred due to a warmer winter. There was a high incidence of rainfall from February. Most wineries in the region experienced an early harvest. Vintage: The harvest period was fairly standard – nothing unusual. Yields and quality: Yields are approximately […]

2010 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

Supplied by the Wine Grapes Marketing Board Growing season: The 2009-10 growing season began with a frost very early in the season. The symptoms of frost damage were most pronounced in the lower lying parts of Griffith. This damage pales in comparison to the damage experienced by a series of hailstorms across the Riverina in […]

2010 vintage report for New England (New South Wales)

Supplied by the New England Winegrowers’ Association Growing season: The 2009-10 vintage was a season of extremes. Several small frosts in early October did some minor damage, followed by a severe frost in late October. This caused some extensive damage to some vineyards at higher altitudes. Many vineyards recovered well but resulted in varying maturity […]

2010 vintage report for Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

Supplied by the Hunter Valley Wine Industry Association Growing season: Despite an early budburst, and an excellent ground water profile leading into September, strong winds during spring produced uneven flowering, resulting in lower-than-expected crops of intensely flavoured fruit. Veraison proceeded as normal around Christmas, indicating an on-time or slightly early harvest. However, warm weather coupled […]

2010 vintage report for Hilltops (New South Wales)

Supplied by Hilltops Inc. Growing season: The 2009-10 growing season began with much better subsoil moisture then we’ve had for the previous 10 years. The Hilltops area does not draw water from any river system and so is most reliant on natural rainfall events over the winter period to fill storage dams. We were able […]

2010 vintage report for Cowra (New South Wales)

Supplied by the Cowra Region Vineyard Association Growing season: After some decent rain through winter, we again experienced an extremely dry spring with only 49mm received between September and November. Again, budburst was about one week early (what is normal now anyway?). As has been the norm with these dry springs, we received some cold […]

2010 vintage report for Swan Valley (Western Australia)

Supplied by the Swan Valley Regional Winemakers’ Association Growing season: Good winter rains followed a dry June, ahead of a cool, wet start to spring with a wet, cold September. October and November were dry and fine except for heavy rain in the third week of November; that was to be the last rain until […]

2010 vintage report for Broke Fordwich (New South Wales)

Supplied by the Broke Fordwich Wine & Tourism Association Growing season: The growing season began with a very warm to hot spring, but budburst and flowering were relatively unaffected. A November heatwave of 45°C, followed by dust storms, had an impact on fruitset, which ultimately affected yields of white varieties. Hail swept through the region […]

2010 vintage report for Great Southern (Western Australia)

Supplied by the Great Southern Wine Producers’ Association Growing season: The region experienced a very wet winter followed by a dry spring and summer growing period. This resulted in excellent vine growth and good fruitset overall. The dry growing season helped curb disease incidences. The wet winter saw plenty of irrigation water available which was […]

2010 vintage report for Yarra Valley (Victoria)

Supplied by the Yarra Valley Wine Growers’ Association Growing season: An excellent season with overall warmer conditions than long-term averages. Maximum mean temperatures for November through to March were above average as were minimum mean temperatures. Some key rain events, particularly through the mid-season, resulted in minimal or no requirement for irrigation. Soil moistures were […]

2010 vintage report for Geographe (Western Australia)

Supplied by the Geographe Vignerons’ Association Growing season: Spring started cool and dry but a wet November had a big influence on vine growth and development. Summer was characterised by a very long, relatively hot, dry period. Virtually no rain fell during ripening. Disease pressure was low with only powdery mildew causing any losses. Whites […]

2010 vintage report for Murray Valley (Victoria)

Supplied by Murray Valley Winegrowers Inc. Growing season: The first major weather event for the season occurred in the first half of November when the Murray-Darling and Swan Hill wine regions endured a week of scorching temperatures of around 40°C. The second half of the month could not have been more different, with about 80mm […]

2010 vintage report for Tasmania

Supplied by Wine Industry Tasmania Growing season: Tasmania’s 2010 vintage followed four years of drought and has seen a welcome return to reasonable yields after the very low 2009 harvest. Winter rains were well above average, basically giving us the whole season’s rainfall prior to budburst. Follow-up rains in spring and summer kept the soil […]

2010 vintage report for South Burnett (Queensland)

Supplied by the South Burnett Wine Industry Association Growing season: The 2009-10 growing season saw the continuation of the drought. This had more positives than negatives as the season unfolded. Yields were down across the board, which was the most significant negative, but disease pressure was low and fruit quality was very good. Shiraz handled […]

2010 vintage report for Somerset Valleys (Queensland)

Supplied by the Somerset Valleys Grape and Wine Producers’ Association Growing season: Even budburst and good early growth in the region’s vineyards gave vines a great start to the 2010 vintage. Extremely dry weather leading up to Christmas meant irrigation in most vineyards was utilised to maintain growth – all had adequate water supplies for […]

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