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2004 vintage report for Tasmania

To keep the Danish royal wedding celebrations going, 2004 rolled in a good vintage for Tasmanian sparkling wine. The cooler season allowed sparkling fruit to retain higher acid levels and the earlier picking times allowed this fruit to be generally clean. Harvest date was reported as two to six weeks later than last year, depending […]

2004 vintage report for Swan District (Western Australia)

The 2003-04 season was characterised by excellent winter and spring rains, which resulted in the best vine growth for several years. There was little rainfall during summer and early autumn, so almost all fruit was disease free. An absence of extreme high temperatures and regular cool evening seabreezes meant fruit ripened evenly, with excellent flavour […]

2004 vintage report for Riverina (New South Wales)

The season produced steady spring and winter rains resulting in healthy, strong vines and good berry set. Summer saw cool mornings and nights with slow ripening, producing excellent clean fruit with no diseases. Unfortunately, just as harvest began, the Riverina was hit with a prolonged heatwave, which caused the vines to shut down. Some vines […]

2004 vintage report for Canberra (NSW/ACT)

The 2002-03 drought impacted hugely on production. The effects continued to influence the current growing season although 2003/04 got off to a good start with better spring rains than have been seen for some years. Subsurface moisture was assisted by regular rainfall and thunderstorms through until early December. Conditions shifted markedly, as they usually do, […]

2004 vintage report for Clare Valley (South Australia)

The 2004 vintage had its challenges, but the strength of the Clare Valley as a premium wine region has shone through with some excellent wines produced, including some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon seen for several years. Winemakers have also commented favourably on the quality of their Riesling, and there were some excellent parcels of […]

2004 vintage report for McLaren Vale (South Australia)

A longer than usual vintage, attributed to cool conditions during ripening, will produce quality wines. Good winter and spring rainfall ensured even budburst and enabled growers to maintain adequate soil moisture for maintenance of healthy grapevine canopies, from veraison to harvest, contributing to optimum flavour development. A warm dry November saw a rapid flowering period […]

2004 vintage report for Alpine Valleys (Victoria)

The growing season began around 23 September 2003, as the Chardonnay buds emerged to cool conditions, with snow down to 700 metres. This cold period continued during October, resulting in slower than average shoot growth. Rain periods were also frequent throughout October, resulting in unusually high disease pressure, which was managed competently by the region’s […]

2004 vintage report for Mount Benson (South Australia)

The 2004 vintage produced the best yields for three seasons. The reds in particular set good crops, but all varieties yielded well. Spring conditions were excellent with good bunch numbers, fruitset and no disease. A dry summer with warm to hot conditions raised the expectations of a great vintage and saw a rapid increase in […]

2004 vintage report for Adelaide Plains (South Australia)

Little rain fell on the Adelaide Plains in the 2003 winter, but good rains came in August and early September. No frost damage was reported and there was only slight wind damage—mainly to the top tips of shoots. There was even flowering and fruitset, delivering a good number of bunches in both whites and reds. […]

2004 vintage report for Murray Darling (NSW/Victoria)

From the unusually low-yielding 2003 season, the Murray Valley increased production by almost 30%, to a record 396,000 tonnes this year. Chardonnay maintained its position as the largest single variety, producing 97,000 tonnes. White varieties overall went to 230,000 tonnes, up from 172,000 tonnes. Of the reds, Shiraz accounted for almost 64,000 tonnes of a […]

2004 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

Weather conditions at the start of the growing season were uncharacteristically cool, but then temperatures increased and the region enjoyed a wonderful year for ripening fruit. Particularly notable were the heatwaves experienced during the first two weeks of January. It was a compressed vintage as a result of some late ripening white varieties and some […]

2004 vintage report for Langhorne Creek (South Australia)

The Langhorne Creek season started well for those on the flood plain, with two good flood events during the growing season. Some frost later in the growing season, followed by two extreme heat days, presented challenges for growers, but otherwise it was a dry season with low disease pressure. Vintage started early and was constant, […]

2004 vintage report for King Valley (Victoria)

Following very hot conditions throughout January and early February, cooler conditions followed, and vintage commenced in late February with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay being harvested for sparkling base. The weather pattern settled down in March and April, with moderate temperatures during the day and cool temperatures overnight and, coupled with cloudless days, enhanced colour development. […]

2004 vintage report for Henty (Victoria)

Relatively dry conditions prior to budburst allowed growers to be attentive to vine needs from the outset of the new season. Early canopy growth progressed without difficulty and by flowering, viticultural conditions were widely described with confidence. Weather conditions at this time were optimal with no difficulty in securing fertilisation and set. Growers were therefore […]

2004 vintage report for Hunter Valley (New South Wales)

The growing season was a marked improvement on the drought-affected 2003 vintage. All varieties responded to useful periods of rain supplemented by irrigation systems. Spring was generally cool with good rainfall, leading to excellent flowering and fruitset. The lead-up to harvest in late January was extremely hot and continued into February, resulting in advanced ripening […]

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