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2001 vintage report for Maryborough (Victoria)

Margaret Flowers of the Maryborough Regional Winegrowers Association said generally everyone was pleased that the harvest turned out as well as it did after the frosting in October/November and the bird damage. Crop levels were down and this seemed to be typical of the region. ‘A little botrytis got into the grapesùnaturally not appreciated for […]

2001 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

Weather conditions for the 2001 vintage featured the driest growing season on record; this however, led to good, even budburst and flowering and vintage commenced about a week earlier than normal. Sue Jackman, chief executive officer of the Margaret River Wine Industry Association, reports that the region had a near perfect ripening season with generally […]

2001 vintage report for Manjimup (Western Australia)

The driest summer on record in the region affected some non-irrigated vineyards; however, although very dry the summer was quite cool. Peter Nicholas, president of the Manjimup Wine Region Association, said the region had suffered possibly the lowest ever levels of powdery mildew and botrytis.Vintage appeared to be about two weeks early but a cool […]

2001 vintage report for Diamond Valley (Victoria)

While average yields were the norm, odd individual variances occurred, due on one hand to some poor fruitset on Chardonnay and on the other with a few late variety difficulties because of rain, said William Christophersen, executive officer of the Diamond Valley Viticultural Association. The only downside to an excellent vintage was that a few […]

2001 vintage report for Cowra (New South Wales)

The red wines coming from the Cowra region in 2001 are excellentùthe best ever for the majority of vineyards, according to Kylie Galvin from the Cowra Regional Vineyard Association. She said whites were also above average quality. The intense hot weather in January led to low Baumes (average 12û12.5¦) and most vineyards had to harvest […]

2001 vintage report for Coonawarra (South Australia)

Some growers in the Coonawarra region had difficulty placing all their fruit, according to Bruce Redman, vice president of the Coonawarra Vignerons Association. However, eventually all grapes in the region were picked. Vintage started early and went for a long time, due to the difficulty of maturing grapes from young vineyards. Most vineyards were above […]

2001 vintage report for Clare Valley (South Australia)

Vintage 2001 in the Clare Valley has been very positive, reports Andrew Hardy, chairman of Clare Valley Winemakers Inc. Yields were well up on last year and for the most part about average. Riesling and Shiraz were the highlights with very high quality wines appearing. ‘There have also been many reports of very high quality […]

2001 vintage report for Canberra (NSW/ACT)

The 2001 vintage was the best ever, according to Canberra wine pioneer Ken Helm, who has been making wine in the region for 25 years. His remarks are supported by reports from the 24 wineries and 145 vineyards (totalling 500 hectares) across the district. A wet spring was followed by a very hot summer and […]

2001 vintage report for Bendigo (Victoria)

The Bendigo region experienced good rains in October and excellent fruitset, leading to an increase in yield of about 5%. Vintage started in early March and continued with favourable weather and only one rain period. Wes Vine, president of Bendigo and District Winegrowers Association, said it was an average to low disease year due to […]

2001 vintage report for Barossa Valley (South Australia)

Overall a great vintage and far better than anyone had dared expect,’ was the verdict of Richard Sheedy, chairman of Barossa Winemakers. The good news from 2001 is that the Barossa flagship reds — Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache — are looking exceptional. The above-average rainfall received in 2000 replenished subsoil moisture levels. This was followed […]

2001 vintage report for Geelong (Victoria)

Good conditions at flowering, an excellent fruitset and a warm dry summer led to an increase in yield of between 25 and 45% in the Geelong region, said Nick Norgard, president of the Geelong Winegrowers Association. Later heavy rainfall was followed by cold spells and botrytis was prevalent. The rainfall affected sugar and flavour and […]

2001 vintage report for Alpine Valleys (Victoria)

Hot, dry conditions in January and February resulted in smaller berries and led to a 10% decrease in yields compared with 2000. A spokesman for the Alpine Valleys Winemakers & Grapegrowers Association, Stephen Lowe, said generally warm weather with a few rain periods in March had been followed by dry sunny days in April and […]

2001 vintage report for Adelaide Plains (South Australia)

For the third year in a row yields have been below average in the Adelaide Plains region. The decrease this year was 5-10%, due to the hottest summer ever. Joe Grilli, president of the Adelaide Plains Winemakers’ Association, said the region had enjoyed a lovely wet winter followed by virtually no rain right through the […]

2001 vintage report for Adelaide Hills (South Australia)

The hottest summer in 95 years, and second hottest on record in Adelaide, was tailor-made for the cool climate Adelaide Hills. ‘Viticulturists and vignerons alike are beaming from ear to ear (and from white to red),’ said Evan Hiscock, president of Adelaide Hills Wine Region. Yields varied from variety to variety and site, but overall […]

2001 vintage report for Gold Coast

Alison Shaw, spokesperson for the Gold Coast Hinterland Wine Country, supplied the following report from this new area: The Gold Coast hinterland is a diverse wine growing region, situated a half hour from the Gold Coast and an hour from Brisbane. This is the fastest growing wine region in Queensland, and has seen substantial capital […]

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