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1997 vintage report for Warren Valley (Western Australia)

The Warren Valley wine region experienced some rain and wind at flowering and fruit set, which contributed to a 20% decrease in the white varieties yield, according to Bob Peruch, president of the Warren Valley Wine Industry Association. Decrease in the red yield was minimal. Weather during vintage was mild to warm and mostly dry. […]

1997 vintage report for Swan Valley (Western Australia)

The Swan Valley had an excellent and most challenging Vintage 1997What makes a good vintage is the prevailing weather conditions prior to and during vintage. The weather in the later half of 1996 was a very wet growing season but with good flowering conditions. December and January were relatively mild interspersed by a few very […]

1997 vintage report for Southwest Coastal (Western Australia)

The region enjoyed ‘an exciting vintage,’ according to Jane Gilham, winemaker/viticulturist at Baldivis Estate. She said cool and dry weather during vintage produced sound fruit with excellent fruit characteristics.Vintage started in mid-February, normal for the region, and yields were average. Jane said the red wines were showing excellent colour, ripe, well-developed, intense varietal characteristics and […]

1997 vintage report for Perth Hills (Western Australia)

Most vineyards in the Perth Hills region reported increased tonnages — up to 25% — due to the ideal season, according to Maxinne Sclanders, President of the Perth Hills Vignerons Association. She said generally it was the best season since 1991. Vintage started in early February with Pinot and Chardonnay grapes being picked for sparkling […]

1997 vintage report for Pemberton (Western Australia)

Pemberton wine region’s 1997 vintage was a longer than usual vintage with slow ripening fruit, reported Kathryn Burgess, secretary of the Pemberton Wine Region Association. Nevertheless ripening was even, resulting in very good to excellent quality. Vintage commenced in early March and the last fruit was harvested on May 8. The 1997 yields were below […]

1997 vintage report for Margaret River (Western Australia)

Vintage in Margaret River was slightly late, beginning about 17-24 February. Simon Robertson, viticulturist for Southcorp Wines’ Devils Lair Vineyard, said most yields were average; some areas reported decreases of 20-30% while there were other areas where yields increased. Strong winds in November 1996 caused a loss of yield mostly on whites, and increased yields […]

1997 vintage report for Great Southern (Western Australia)

A heatwave in early January and a period of drizzly, cloudy weather in March combined to make this a difficult vintage, with yields reduced as a result, reports Tony Smith, spokesman for the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The weather cleared to fine warm days in late March and April. Moulds developed in late […]

1997 vintage report for Tasmania

‘Dry and sunny weather in April allowed excellent colour and flavour development in red wines from the north of the state,’ said Dr Andrew Pirie, president of the Vineyards Association of Tasmania. ‘Chardonnay in the north was picked in the autumn rain breaks. Conditions before this, combined with low yields, should result in some excellent […]

1997 vintage report for Coonawarra (South Australia)

Vintage in Coonawarra started in the last week of March, which is normal for the region. Ian Hollick, a member of the Coonawarra Vignerons’ Association, said there was a 30% decrease in yields due to cooler temperatures during bud initiation in 1995 and wind at fruit set 1996. Main varieties affected were Cabernet Sauvignon and […]

1997 vintage report for Clare Valley (South Australia)

‘Generally acclaimed as a top year,’ said Andrew Tolley, chairman of the Clare Valley Winemakers, of his region. Yield was down by about 15%, but varied significantly within the valley and by variety. The decrease in yield was due to a combination of factors, including a relatively dry spring and summer and a very hot […]

1997 vintage report for Riverland (South Australia)

Vintage in the Riverland region started in the second week of February, which was normal. Yield was down 25-35% on whites but was average for reds. Bill Moularadellis, president of the Riverland Winemakers Association, said whites suffered a decrease as a result of frost damage and a crop downturn after record 1996 levels. Reds, due […]

1997 vintage report for Padthaway (South Australia)

Chardonnay from the 1997 vintage in Padthaway will be ‘exceptional’, according to Chris Greig, president of Padthaway Grapegrowers Association. He said the Rieslings were lower yielding but had fine flavour and other white varieties all matured to anticipated Baume levels. Chris described the 1997 reds as ‘excellent’, particularly Shiraz and Merlot. District levels of Cabernet […]

1997 vintage report for Mount Benson (South Australia)

This region had its first major crops this year. Mike De Garis, president of the Mount Benson Vignerons’ Association, said the region had a very dry spring, with unseasonal frosts in September and October. Then a very hot spell in February slowed vines down and affected yields. February’s temperatures were 3 °C above average and […]

1997 vintage report for McLaren Vale (South Australia)

‘It has been an excellent vintage in McLaren Vale, both in terms of highlights and sheer depth of quality,’ said BRL Hardy chief winemaker Peter Dawson. The region benefited from well-spaced rainfall throughout the growing season until early February, when up to 40 mm of rain boosted vine health.’Chardonnay is the best from the region […]

1997 vintage report for Langhorne Creek (South Australia)

Greg Follett of the Langhorne Creek Winemakers Association said the Shiraz and Chardonnay crops were down substantially, mainly due to yearly evening out after very good crops in 1996. The Cabernet Sauvignon yield was about average. Vintage started about 10 February, which was normal for the region. Weather during vintage was dry, with a cool […]

1997 vintage report for Eden Valley (South Australia)

Stephen Henschke, chairperson of the Eden Valley Winegrowers Association, said Shiraz and Cabernet wines from the region look excellent, with good colour, fine tannins and richly flavoured elegant fruit flavours from a cooler season. ‘This vintage produced stunning Riesling and Chardonnay displaying concentrated fruit and superb length, weight and flavour,’ he said. The 1996-97 grapegrowing […]

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