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1997 vintage report for Warren Valley (Western Australia)

The Warren Valley wine region experienced some rain and wind at flowering and fruit set, which contributed to a 20% decrease in the white varieties yield, according to Bob Peruch, president of the Warren Valley Wine Industry Association. Decrease in the red yield was minimal. Weather during vintage was mild to warm and mostly dry. Bob said the reds, produced at low to moderate yields, showed rich colour and full-bodied, intense yet delicate fruit characters. ‘The whites generally showed soft, delicate fruit flavours and a great deal of finesse,’ he said. Vintage started early, in mid-February for sparkling wine and at the beginning of March for dry varieties. ‘Our region experienced one of the mildest Februaries recorded in many years,’ Bob said. ‘Much of the grapes picked had excellent Baume, pH and t/a ratios, needing little or no adjustments. Quality, ripeness and colour was very good in most cases.’