Vinsafe wines scoop top medal at the 2020 International Canned Wine Competition

Vinsafe wines were awarded top medals at this year’s International Canned Wine Competition with two of the three top ‘Best at Show’ awards going to wines produced using the globally patented Vinsafe wine in a can packaging system.

Archer McRae’s Joiy Wine ‘Savvy Society’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was Best at Show White Wine. Fourth Wave’s ‘Take it to the Grave’ 2018 Australian Shiraz won Best of Show Red Wine.

The second annual International Canned Wine Competition proceeded this year with a total of 226 entries submitted from all over the world, including Australia, USA, Europe, South America and New Zealand.

Both Archer McRae and Fourth Wave Wines have successfully used the Vinsafe wine in a can packaging system under licence in Australia and New Zealand.

The success of Vinsafe wines both commercially through global sales and at international wine competitions, clearly positions the globally patented Vinsafe technology as the foundation for consistent quality canned wine production.

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