Up to $100,000 in grant funding available for alternative wine packaging innovations

Australian innovators are being challenged to put forward their bright ideas to find more sustainable packaging for wine, power safe drinking water in remote communities, and increase energy efficiency in the fishing industry.

The government announced yesterday that the Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII) has opened a new $7.5 million round, which will target renewables and low emission practices.

Australian start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can now submit innovative proposals for ideas that address key challenges.

Successful applicants will receive grants of up to $100,000 to develop and test their ideas over three months.

“These grants are an opportunity to bring Australian know-how to solve some of our most pressing economic and social issues, including renewables and low emission practices,” said Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science.

“We want to challenge small and medium businesses to make a strong contribution to Australia’s circular economy,” said Ed Husic, Minister for Industry and Science.

“I look forward to seeing our small business community rise to the challenge and offer up practical solutions help us reach Net Zero.”

The most successful of these ideas may be eligible for a grant of up to $1 million to develop a prototype or proof of concept.

BRII will stimulate SMEs to create innovative solutions to three challenges that target renewables and low emission practices. These challenges support the Government’s Net Zero commitment and the National Reconstruction Fund priority area of renewables and low emissions technologies.

The three key challenge areas are:

  • Alternative packaging for premium Australian Wine
  • Increasing energy efficiency of commercial fishing operations
  • Powering safe drinking water for Australian First Nations remote communities


To find out more information, including how to apply for a grant, visit www.business.gov.au/BRII

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