Trentham Estate releases sustainable wine pouch

Trentham Estate has launched a new product aimed at convenience, sustainability and wine quality – a 1.5 Litre wine pouch branded THREE’S -A- CROWD.

The new THREE’S -A- CROWD pouch range offers a Pinot Grigio and Pinot Noir. With the increase of outdoor get-togethers becoming the ‘new norm’ and many consumers limiting their alcohol intake while also being mindful of their spending, Trentham Estate saw an opportunity to grab hold of a market in this growing consumer trend.

The pouch offers a long shelf-life, with the wine staying fresh for weeks once opened.

“In this current climate consumers are looking for more affordable alternatives, however they still want great quality wine and THREE’S -A- CROWD offers that,” said Trentham Estate chief winemaker and managing director Anthony Murphy.

The pouch is an environmentally friendly alternative to glass bottles. It holds the equivalent of two standard bottles of wine and produces 80% less carbon emissions in its life than glass, which are a big contributor to the carbon footprint of wine production through their transportation and production including recycling.

In addition, it reduces space for shipping and waste when empty. The pouch was designed by Melbourne-based packaging design studio, Design Energy.


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