Treasury Wine Estates puts Bordertown vineyard portfolio on the market

Bordertown vineyards. Image Colliers

The Bordertown Vineyard Portfolio in the Bordertown wine region of South Australia’s Limestone Coast zone has been put on the market and could attract offers as high at $9 million according to Colliers brokers.

InDaily reported that images of the property matched those of the Penfolds plot, owned by Treasury Wine Estates, located near Bordertown.

Colliers brokers said the vineyard holdings represented an intriguing opportunities for potential investment and estimated that the land could be worth as much as $25,000 per planted hectare, according to the InDaily report.

Spanning approximately 487.81 hectares, the property boasts a total vineyard area of about 374.16 hectares, making it one of the region’s largest vineyards. The vineyard produces premium winegrape varieties, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, and Tempranillo with a 10-year average production of approximately 3,600 tonnes.

In addition to its large-scale vineyard operations, the operation benefits from a number of other assets. Three residences provide accommodation options, while a administration centre serves as a hub for managing vineyard operations.

Shedding and workshop facilities offer ample storage and maintenance areas for machinery and equipment.

Water entitlements of up to 1,086.7 megalitres (ML) are available if required. An underground water license (No. 7704) permits 1,026 megalitres (ML) for irrigation and 61.7 ML for frost protection, ensuring a reliable water supply to support the vineyard’s needs throughout the year.

While the Bordertown Vineyard thrives as a commercial grape-growing operation, Colliers Agribusiness wine industry specialist Nick Dean advised that the land holding also held opportunities for potential redevelopment into alternative horticultural or agricultural pursuits.

“The property’s prime location, extensive infrastructure, and ample land area make it an enticing prospect for investors with diverse agricultural interests,” Dean said.

“It is a significant vineyard by any measure. Imagine, should the Chinese market reopen, then large-scale commercial vineyards, such as Bordertown Vineyards, assume even greater importance,” Colliers Agribusiness wine industry specialist Tim Altschwager added.

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