Suber-Lefort teams up with E.E. Muir & Sons

Suber-Lefort has teamed up with E.E. Muir & Sons P/L for the national distribution of its range of Suber-Lefort oak adjuncts, tannin extracts, oak wood tannins and both grape skin and grape seed. The selection French and American oak adjuncts includes three different toast profiles – traditional, XOV and XOS – designed to achieve maximum results with greater flexibility to the winemakers, and is both cost effective and environmentally greener.

Typically oak adjuncts products such as fine powders and chips, blocks, mini staves and tank staves are used at all stages of the vinification process from fermentation to finishing prior to bottling.

For more information, contact Mr Damian Toon at E.E. Muir or visit our website: