Small wineries: “what makes your wine stand out?”

Matthew Remphrey of Parallax Design

Branding, marketing and customer engagement can be a challenge for small business owners who are responsible for every part of their operations. A one-day workshop delivered by the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) is designed to help small and family-owned wine businesses fine-tune their brand story and improve customer engagement.

“For small and family wine businesses, most of their focus and resources are understandably placed on production – growing the grapes and making wine – and less focus is given to the commercial part of business – strategy, branding, marketing, and customer engagement,” says branding expert Matthew Remphrey of Parallax Design.

“But very few industries are as competitive as wine. If I go into a bottle shop with $20 to spend and I want to buy a Shiraz, I have hundreds of options to choose from. And online, it’s thousands. What makes your wine stand out?

“It’s vitally important to get your brand strategy right and make sure you’re finding your audience, rather than anyone over 18 with a wallet.”

The workshop will take place in Adelaide on 22 February, where Remphrey will guide participants through the fundamentals of wine branding, strategic positioning, customer markets and using design to bring strategy to life. The workshop will also cover brand engagement in the digital age, including:

  • Principles of digital marketing
  • Online content and storytelling
  • Getting the most from a website
  • Loyalty points, subscriptions and EDM campaigns

Workshop details

  • Date: Thursday 22 February, 10am-4pm
  • Location: The Lion Hotel, 161 Melbourne St, North Adelaide
  • Price: $220 (inc GST) per participant, including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
  • Register here

The workshop is part of SAWIA’s Wine Industry Small Business Growth & Resilience Program, which is part of the South Australian Government’s Small Business Fundamentals Program, an initiative of the Government of South Australia’s Office for Small and Family Business and the South Australian Small Business Strategy 2023-2030.

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