[yellow tail] launches lower alcohol wines in Australia

[yellow tail] wine has launched a new lighter in alcohol wine range in Australia.

[yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT has been crafted to offer wine consumers a lighter in alcohol alternative wine choice, without sacrificing on quality and flavour.

The new range will launch with two varietals [yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT Pinot Noir and [yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT Sparkling in Coles Liquor (Liquorland and First Choice) stores nationally.

[yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT Pinot Noir is 20% lighter in alcohol than [yellow tail] Pinot Noir, with an ABV of 10.8% and 100 calories per 150 ml serve. [yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT Sparkling is 25% lighter in both alcohol and calories compared to [yellow tail] Bubbles, with an ABV of 8.5% and 85 calories per 150 ml serving.

With the societal trend towards alcohol moderation, [yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT wines are a positive addition to the expanding ‘Low and No alcohol’ category in Australia, providing a delicious lighter in alcohol wine by a well-known, trusted brand already recognised for quality, flavour and consistency at an attractive price point.

“[yellow tail]’s mission has always been to make delicious wines for everyone, and [yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT is an extension of the brand’s founding vision; allowing people to enjoy and participate in the wine occasion, with the same great taste, just less alcohol and fewer calories,” said global marketing manager Anna Czarnocka.

“We are confident this new range has the potential to add significant value to the wine category, by appealing to a growing number of Australian consumers actively seeking to moderate the amount of alcohol they consume.”

[yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT is made with the same commitment to quality as all other [yellow tail] wines to ensure the wines remain vibrant and full-flavoured.

“The new PURE BRIGHT range from [yellow tail] has been crafted with specific winemaking techniques,” [yellow tail] PURE BRIGHT winemaker, David Joeky explained.

“From grape selection to production, we follow a unique process to optimise the taste and quality of the wine whilst reducing the alcohol and calories.

“Vines are selected and pruned to maximise the leaf protection from our summer sun, protecting the grapes and slowing their development whilst maintaining fruit flavour and intensity.

“Grapes for PURE BRIGHT are picked earlier, with lower natural sugar content converting to lower alcohol in the wine.

“Night harvest keeps the grapes in a condition that maximises the aroma and flavour.

“The grapes are then run through a cooler fermentation process using specialised yeast to maximise the flavour profile at lower alcohol levels.

“In addition, the fermentable sugars are kept very low and proprietary yeast selections accentuate the flavours in each varietal.

“The winemaking process utilises reverse osmosis to reduce the alcohol content without compromising taste, maintaining the aroma and robust flavour of the wine.”

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