Riverland Wine welcomes Dr Darren Oemcke

Image: Dr Darren Oemcke

Riverland Wine has announced the appointment of Dr Darren Oemcke as its new independent chair.

Dr Oemcke, director of Hydra Consulting and active member of the South Australian wine and business community, will take up the position on 23 August.

Outgoing Riverland Wine executive officer Chris Byrne said Dr Oemcke’s appointment was an exciting opportunity for the Riverland region.

“We’ve worked with Dr Oemcke for many years. He has assisted Riverland Wine in formulating strategic goals over the past decade. Darren has a strong affinity with our region and shares our belief that the Riverland is the Vineyard to the World,” Byrne said.

“Darren is well known throughout the industry, with solid connections to peak bodies and government agencies. He has travelled and studied wine markets in many foreign countries.

“As an engineer, Darren brings a practical vision of what’s possible. He will assist Riverland Wine in building awareness of the great work the members are doing to deliver better grapes and wine to our global customers.

“Riverland Wine is delighted to make this appointment.”

In his new role, Dr Oemcke will chair the joint management committees of Riverland winegrowers and winemakers, pushing boundaries and encouraging all industry stakeholders to grow the value of every vineyard, every winery, and every litre of Australian wine.

Dr Oemcke has previously worked with the region’s grape producers and winemakers and the State Government on a range of projects that cover wine production, grape production, marc processing, tourism, AgTech, performance benchmarking, the Riverland Wine Show and R&D.

“I have a great respect and fondness for the Riverland region and in my new role as independent chair, I believe I can make a very significant contribution to the future of Riverland Wine and its members,” Dr Oemcke said.

“This is a region of innovation, passion and character, and, through Riverland Wine, we will deliver projects that assist with regional prosperity and global success.”

Meanwhile, after 20 years with Riverland Wine, Chris Byrne has taken up a new role as chief executive of Australian Commercial Wine Producers (ACWP). Riverland Wine thanks Byrne for his outstanding contribution to the Riverland wine community.


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