Regenerative Viticulture Conference returns for 2022

Last years Regenerative Viticulture Conference. Image courtesy Regenerative Viticulture Conference.

The Second Regenerative Viticulture Conference will take place on Monday, 9 May in Vilafranca del Penedès, bringing together experts and wine producers from three continents to discuss the pillars of regenerative agriculture, applied to viticulture, and demonstrate the benefits of this model for vineyards and the planet.

The aim of the event, entitled ‘The Viticulture Of Climate Change’ and organised by the Regenerative Viticulture Association, is to raise awareness among vine growers and wine producers of the need for a paradigm shift in vineyard management and the adoption of regenerative viticulture to slow down global warming.

Around 150 attendees are expected, including vine growers, farmers, wine producers, oenologists, and sommeliers, all of whom are committed to the fight against climate change.

Regenerative viticulture could become a solution for slowing down climate change since it is the only vineyard model based on the carbon cycle, maximizing the vines’ capacity for absorbing atmospheric CO2 and turning them into huge carbon sinks.

This CO2 stored in the ground causes the soil to recover its natural fertility and balance, makes it more resistant to drought, keeps it from eroding, and promotes biodiversity.

The event will be streamed on the Regenerative Viticulture Association website You can view the conference programme here.

The videos with English subtitles will be available after the event on the Regenerative Viticulture Association website.


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