Nuffield Scholarship applications now open

2022 Nuffield Scholar Munro Hardy in London as part of Nuffield’s Contemporary Scholars Conference. Image courtesy Medianet

International travel is back and Nuffield Australia is providing opportunities for viticulturists, farmers and fishers to go abroad to bring innovative ideas home.

“A Nuffield Scholarship is a unique opportunity to explore the world to discover new tools, practices and ideas, and forge connections that can improve long-term sustainability,” says CEO and 2013 Nuffield Scholar Jodie Redcliffe.

“We are thrilled to have Nuffield Scholars already travelling overseas this year. Our program gives emerging leaders from agriculture and associated industries experiences to tackle challenges and embrace change. That’s why we see Nuffield alumni in positions of leadership across industry.

“Being versatile and seeking innovative ideas are quality traits during uncertain times. The recent period has been extraordinary, so there has never been a better time to research how the world has changed, and how agriculture can adapt to complex food and fibre supply chains and changes to trade and consumer behaviour.”

Each scholarship is valued at $30,000 and Nuffield Australia will award up to 20 scholarships this year.

Nuffield Scholarships are open to grapegrowers, farmers, fishers and those in associated industries aged 28-45. The bursary allows scholars to spend 14 weeks of travel over two years to study a topic important to the industry.

Nuffield Scholars also receive training in communication skills and personal and professional development.

Over the past few years, Nuffield Australia and its counterparts overseas have embraced digital technology to stay connected despite travel restrictions. Nuffield Australia will continue to provide online learning and virtual connections to the global alumni network and agribusiness leaders.

Jodie says this year’s program has been especially tailored for recipients to navigate the global uncertainty and make the most of being part of the world’s most influential agricultural network.

Northern Australian agricultural consultant and current 2022 Nuffield Scholar, Munro Hardy, has just returned from the Contemporary Scholars Conference that saw newly-selected scholars from around the world meet in England.

“There isn’t a better place in the world to learn from leaders in agriculture who are stepping up to meet the challenges faced around the globe in water scarcity, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, climate change, supply chains, failing food systems and more,” Munro says.

“It’s been so inspiring see what these leaders are achieving as current and past scholars. Joining the Nuffield family opens doors around the world.”

Munro says the Contemporary Scholars Conference has given him a much broader understanding of global food systems.

“It’s imperative that we all strive for better sustainability outcomes. We have learned how the three Cs – COVID, conflict and climate change – have shaped and are still shaping our world and what we can do to step up and meet the challenges they pose.”

Munro has also enjoyed visiting businesses to see changes made by previous scholars.

“It has been a very open forum where those previous scholars have been very generous in sharing their learnings from their successes and failures.”

After meeting Nuffield Scholars from across the world, Munro’s plans for study and travel have evolved considerably. His scholarship is supported by AACo, S. Kidman & Co, CPC and Elders, and it will focus on Australia’s northern beef industry and its market risks.

“I highly recommend applying to anyone who is passionate about agriculture and developing strong and long lasting relationships.”

He encourages potential applicants to reach out to current and alumni Nuffield Scholars to learn more about the scholarship program.


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