New international partnership to benefit food and beverage producers

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) and leading UK food and beverage services organisation Campden BRI have announced the signing of a new strategic partnership agreement.

Drawing on each other’s significant beverage and food testing capabilities, the AWRI’s commercial arm, Affinity Labs, and Campden BRI will collaborate on new services and solutions for customers and members in Australia and the UK. Both organisations are known for taking a science-driven approach to helping their customers and members succeed.

“Campden BRI and Affinity Labs have many complementary strengths and experiences providing valuable services to the food and beverage sectors,” AWRI managing director Dr Mark Krstic said.

“Our two organisations share similar history, values and culture and can learn a lot from each other. We look forward to expanding the capabilities we provide to Australian food and beverage producers through this strategic partnership.”

“This new collaboration will provide synergies across a range of sectors and services. We anticipate working closely together on compositional and integrity testing, as well as developing new services for the benefit of food and beverage producers in both the UK and Australia,” Campden BRI Chief Executive Peter Headridge added.

For Affinity Labs, the first activities supported by the partnership will include new options for shelf life testing of foods and beverages that comply with EU and US standards.

For Campden BRI, the partnership will initially support the introduction of new wine testing services in the UK, similar to those already offered by Affinity Labs in Australia.


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