Updated safety guide for the Australian wine Industry goes high-tech

The latest edition of a free, wall-mounted guide to workplace safety for wine producers has been released featuring the use of augmented reality (AI).

The Wine Producers Guide to Safety 2018/19, produced by Pro-Visual Publishing in partnership with Australian Vignerons, Winemakers’ Federation of Australia and Winery Engineering Association, is designed to help wine producers keep up-to-date with safety matters. Making use of AI helps to engage wine producers and contribute to their retention of the information in an exciting and helpful way, says Pro-Visual Publishing.

“By downloading the Pro-Vis AR app, users can access engaging resources and further information targeted at ensuring health and safety in wineries across Australia,” a spokersperson for Pro-Visual Publishing said.

The guide touches on confined spaces, mechanical pruners, sun safety, personal protective equipment and chemical safety.

“Displaying the guide in wineries, vineyards and distilleries across Australia will serve as a constant visual reminder of the importance of health and safety and reducing potential hazards,” the spokersperson said.

The guide has been sent to Australian wineries, wine producers, spirit distillers and wine industry organisations across Australia. Additional copies can be obtained by calling (02) 8272 2611, emailing marketing@provisual.com.au or visiting www.provisual.com.au.