National Fruit-Fly Council appoints new manager

National Fruit Fly Council manager Stuart Burgess. Photo Courtesy Plant Health Australia

Plant Health Australia (PHA) and Hort Innovation have announced that Stuart Burgess was appointed as the new manager of the National Fruit Fly Council (NFFC).

Burgess was formerly the CEO of Fruit Growers Tasmania and Fund Manager and Industry Services Manager at Hort Innovation and has an understanding of biosecurity, particularly as it relates to trade and bilateral trade operations.

“I’m very excited to join the NFFC. With my expertise in industry leadership in trade and biosecurity related programs across sectors, I’m ready to hit the ground running,” said Burgess.

The presence of some species of exotic fruit fly in Australia could devastate Australia’s domestic and international horticultural trade valued at over $9 billion.

The NFFC works with growers and fruit fly management community groups across all states and territories to develop and communicate management options for fruit fly on a national scale.

The council focuses on improving the bottom line for producers through initiatives that enable them to produce clean, fruit fly free produce, which will result in better domestic and international market access.

Stuart will continue to monitor and drive progress against the National Fruit Fly Strategy and lead the development of a cost-effective and sustainable national approach to fruit fly management.

“Stuart is the perfect fit with a strong and long-term connection to the Australian horticultural and agricultural sectors” said Hort Innovation CEO Matt Brand.

“The NFFC is a great example of another successful partnership between industry and government. Stuart’s selection emphasises PHA’s ongoing commitment to a strong biosecurity partnership,” added PHA national manager performance and innovation Mila Bristow.

Along with a full-time project officer, Stuart will be supported by PHA’s Executive Management Team with oversight from Mila Bristow, National Manager: Performance and Innovation. The NFFC is funded by Hort Innovation.


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