Mas La Plana by Familia Torres, one of the most searched-for Cabernets on

Mas La Plana by Familia Torres (DO Penedès) was among the ten most searched-for, unblended Cabernet Sauvignons on in 2019.

The respected search and price-comparison wine platform, which recorded 226 million searches last year, recently published its ranking of the Cabernets Sauvignon that generated the greatest consumer interest based on the number of searches.

Familia Torres’s flagship wine has made the ranking for the second year in a row and is the only European wine on the list.

Most of the Cabernets hail from different North American regions other than Napa, which has its own ranking.

The United States, which has six wines on the list, is joined by three other countries: Australia, Chile, and Spain. In its article ‘The World’s Most Wanted Cabernets’, Wine-Searcher remarks how these countries are “about as diverse as it gets and yet all produce desirable Cabernets”.

According to Wine-Searcher, Cabernet Sauvignon is a variety that is ubiquitous in the minds of producers and consumers alike.

“It is the world’s most famous grape,” the article states, “one of the most planted and certainly the most well-travelled.”

It goes on to say that “Cabernet’s reputation rests predominantly on the wines of Bordeaux and Napa,” two regions the site decided not to consider for this list.


Mas La Plana originates from the vineyard of the same name in the heart of Penedès and will reach its 50th harvest this year.

It made a spectacular debut on the international stage in 1979 when its first vintage triumphed over some of the world’s greatest Cabernets at a blind tasting held during the Wine Olympics in Paris.

The wine has evolved over time and has now reached its peak expression thanks to well-balanced old Cabernet Sauvignon vines that have adapted perfectly to this estate.

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