Italian exports of tractors and machinery for viticulture are soaring

Image courtesy Unione Italiana Vini Servizi 

Sprayers, tillers, trimmers and above all, small and low power tractors made in Italy last year recorded a real commercial boom abroad, starting from the EU markets that represent over 70 per cent of foreign sales.

“The Italian leadership in the field of wine-making and viticulture is also reflected in its machinery,” said the general secretary of Unione Italiana Vini, Paolo Castelletti.

“A sector that, in the last two years, has seen its export market grow by about one third, thanks also to a very strong acceleration in the last year (25 per cent growth).

“At Enovitis in Campo, all the news from a healthy sector whose development in technological research is among the most remarkable in the world.”

France, with a growth trend in orders in 2021 of over 36% and a turnover of 144 million euros, is confirmed as the first market in the world in regards to the demand for Italian tractors, followed by Germany (24%), Spain (55%) and Austria (49%). Among other top European increases, Slovenia (+111%) doubled its orders.

In non-EU countries market growth was confirmed in South Africa (+46%), Chile (+84%) and Israel (+63%). The trend in US demand remained stable.

Technological progress has made it possible to develop machines and equipment capable not only of carrying out several operations at the same time and transmitting the data obtained, but also of relating to the vineyard autonomously.

This year, Enovitis in Campo is preparing to host 160 exhibitors representing all the main product categories related to the cultivation of the vineyard and will be held on 23 and 24 June at Ca ‘Bolani Winery in Cervignano del Friuli.

The sustainable field will be of particular importance – with the new feature of the organic demonstration vineyard in collaboration with FederBio Servizi – and the focus on innovation and robotics for an increasingly precise and less impacting cultivation of the vine.

Different purposes of the machinery that will be presented at Enovitis, from canopy management to soil management, including pesticide treatments carried out with electrically powered sprayers and innovative technologies using germicidal ultraviolet rays.


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