Hong Kong wine importers embrace South Australian top drops

Premium South Australian wine continues to gain recognition in Asia-Pacific markets after the latest group of international wine ambassadors was assembled in Hong Kong.

Eight of Hong Kong’s leading wine importers were hand-picked to raise the profile of South Australia’s best wines in their own regions and boost trade demand with the state.

Each importer is a member of the recently established South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club (SAWAC) chapter in Hong Kong and will act as global ambassadors to promote South Australia’s world-class wine brands.

They include Anrise-IMC, Aquaseason Professionals, Black Type Distribution, Continental Wines, Rising Dew Enterprise, Royal Orchid Wine, Sunday’s Distribution and 12 Bottles.

Hong Kong is the fourth-largest destination market for SA wine exports. In the year to September 2022, exports to Hong Kong were valued at $137.4 million and represented 10 per cent of all SA wine exports.

Latest ABS data also shows about 80 per cent of Australia’s wine exports to Hong Kong came from South Australia – a figure set to rise under this new partnership.

It follows the Japan chapter of the SAWAC being set up last month during an overseas trade mission, as demand for premium local wines ramps up.

Both these countries form part of the Club’s growing global footprint, with 43 wine importers selected to drive sales in six key markets: Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India and New Zealand.

The overseas ambassadors will help deliver an estimated 90 new-to-market wines across these markets over the next two years, as well as supplying and distributing wine from South Australian producers.

Members will benefit from Club Patrons and renowned wine authorities, James Halliday AM and Tony Love, who will deliver educational masterclasses and tastings.

The SAWAC, established in July, is part of a four-year Wine Export Recovery and Expansion Program to boost export growth and create new markets through an international network of advocates who share a love for South Australian wine.


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