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Accolade launches website to inform Riverland growers on proposal

Accolade Wines has today launched a website to help growers understand its proposed solution to the challenges confronting the Riverland wine industry and its growers, following meetings with the region’s co-operative group CCW which saw “only a small portion” of CCW members in attendance. The CCW members will determine by vote whether Accolade’s offer is accepted, with a two-thirds majority needed in order for it to pass.

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Grapegrower & Winemaker

From strength to strength: Young Gun Lauren Langfield makes strides in sustainability

When Lauren first set foot in a vineyard she didn’t even have a driver’s license. Six months later, she was enrolled in a diploma of viticulture and winemaking at university, driving tractors and reversing trailers unsupervised. Now, she’s heading up Orbis Wines as both general manager and head winemaker and is making strides in sustainability. In 2023, Orbis won the South Australia Wine Industry Association’s Environmental Excellence Award for the small to medium category, and Lauren collected the Young Gun of Wine award to boot.

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Passito Uncorked – Dessert in a glass

Passito has roots in ancient traditions in Europe and, like many ancient traditions, is over-ripe for innovation in Australian winemaking. Journalist Harrison Davies looked at producers in Australia who are using new techniques to craft this ancient beverage.

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Wine & Viticulture Journal

Why so little new research about juice handling?

A search for the keywords ‘crushing’ or ‘destemming’ or ‘pressing’ in the leading oenology and viticulture journals turns up hundreds of results. On closer inspection, virtually every article mentions these juice handling processes in passing, as part of the experimental methods en route to the actual point of the research – a point which ends up having little to do with juice handling.

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Australian & New Zealand Wine Industry Directory 2018

The 2018/36th annual edition lists Australian wineries (categorised by state) and New Zealand wineries. Comprehensive listings of wine industry suppliers, industry personnel, distributors, retailers, brands and a buyers’ guide are also included. It also lists teaching and research institutions, courses (university, TAFE and other), industry organisations, wine writers, bloggers and publications, and a calendar of events (including wine shows). 

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