Halliday to retire from wine writing

James Halliday AM

Renowned Australian wine writer and critic James Halliday AM has announced that he is stepping back from wine media and will instead focus on completing his book.

Halliday, now 85-years-old, retired from his weekly column in The Weekend Australian earlier this year, with his final column released in April, after a tenure of 40 years.

Speaking to The Australian, Halliday cited recent health issues as a contributing factor to his decision.

“Having turned 85 I wanted to fully focus on what I want to do, and that is writing about 50 years of great wine dinners I have attended or staged,” Halliday told The Australian.

“This work has been simmering in my mind and heart for the past half-decade as my ‘swan song’. Recent health issues have made me wish even more for this to have my sole attention. So, while my fondness for writing is undiminished, and with my family’s support, I will be quiet on the wine media front.”

Halliday will continue to work on his book about ‘great wine dinners’, expecting to complete it this year.

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