2022 Halliday wine companion winners announced

The 2022 Halliday Wine Companion Awards returned this year to announce its winners in an online broadcast in light of the unfolding COVID-19 situation in Melbourne.

Halliday Wine Companion chief editor Tyson Stelzer and James Halliday AM announced the victors of the awards and varietal categories throughout the broadcast.

This year, the Halliday Wine Companion tasting panel was comprised of regional specialists across five states, with the team expanding to seven.

For the first time, the awards were judged collaboratively by the entire tasting team, coming together in Victoria in March to review the shortlist produced from over 9,000 Australian wines.

To the delight of industry professionals, this year also saw the inaugural Viticulturist of the Year announced, taking the major awards to a total of seven categories, alongside nineteen varietal winners, including a new format for the Sparkling category, and one award so hotly contested that three winners for the same varietal were announced.

The awards were a celebration of Australian wine following a challenging year. The night shone a well-deserved light on wineries and industry professionals who, despite unprecedented times, have demonstrated courage, passion and determination that continues to strengthen the proud Australian wine industry.

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