Gemtree winery facility acquired, Melissa and Mike Brown retain Gemtree Wines brand, vineyards and tasting room

Image courtesy: Melissa and Mike Brown

Certified organic and biodynamic winery owners Melissa and Mike Brown have announced the sale of their McLaren Vale winery facility as they set their focus to the future of the Gemtree wine brand and tasting room under their continued ownership.

The winery facility site will be acquired through a partnership between two highly regarded South Australian brands, Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards and Mike Press Wines who have been making their wines at the Gemtree winery facility for a number of years. The new contract wine processing business will be known as ‘Oliver & Press Winemakers’.

“After 10 years in the contract processing business, it is time to hang up the boots. We are pleased to hand over the facility to two of our respected clients in Oliver’s Taranga and Mike Press and wish them every success as they take the facility and team into its next chapter,” said Mike Brown, Gemtree managing director and chief winemaker.

Husband and wife duo, Mike and Melissa, say it is business as usual for the Gemtree wine brand, vineyards and tasting room and are thrilled to take Gemtree Wines forward into the future, continuing its growth and leadership in sustainable wine and tourism experiences.

“We will continue to welcome visitors to the region at our tasting room where they can sample our wines, take a walk amongst the natural beauty of the Gemtree Eco Trail, or experience one of our award-winning biodynamic wine tours.” said Melissa Brown, Gemtree co-owner and vigneron.

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