Familia Torres commits to regenerative grapegrowing to fight against climate change

Image credit: Jordi Elias

Familia Torres has launched an agricultural plan to implement a regenerative agriculture model in its organic vineyards.

The aim is to achieve a new balance based on increasing biodiversity and organic matter naturally, thus enhancing the role of the vineyards as carbon sinks.

According to Miguel Torres Maczassek, general director of Familia Torres and a member of the family’s fifth generation, “We’re aware that this is a long learning process where we’ll also have to ‘unlearn’ to find a new balance”.

“It’s a paradigm shift in vineyard management, but we believe that it’s necessary because regenerative grape growing is currently the only solution that makes it possible to store atmospheric carbon in the soil and fight against climate change,” he added.

The fifth generation of the family-owned wine business, based in Penedès, has decided to go one step further in its commitment to the environment by adopting regenerative grapegrowing, in its holistic approach to the land, as one of the solutions for fighting against climate change and achieving its aim of having a positive impact on the climate starting from 2050.

Familia Torres’ agricultural plan includes the conversion, over five years, of more than 500 hectares of organic vineyards owned by the family and spread across the Penedès, Priorat, Conca de Barberà, and Costers del Segre denominations of origin.

Some of the regenerative practices are already currently in use as part of the winery’s vineyard management, while additional ones will also be implemented gradually to regenerate the soil, with adjustments made based on the results.

As a starting point, trials will be done at the following estates: Mas La Plana in Pacs del Penedès (DO Penedès), Mas de la Rosa in Porrera (DOQ Priorat), Milmanda in Vimbodí i Poblet (DO Conca de Barberà), as well as in the Jean Leon vineyards, where several projects are already being carried out.


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