Enhancing the perceptions of global wine consumers in 2019

Enhancing the perceptions of global wine consumers is the goal of a new Australian wine website and consumer-targeted activations in 2019.

The ‘Australian Wine Made Our Way’ brand platform will underpin all investments, which are supported by the Australian Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support Package (the $50m Package).

Wine Australia Chief Executive Officer Andreas Clark said these activities are part of a broader strategy to build perception of and demand for Australian wine and wine tourism among the wine trade and consumers in Australia’s largest and fastest-growing export markets.

‘We are excited to showcase the people, places and processes that make Australian wines unique with wine consumers globally.

‘Our targeted events, media and education campaigns – such as the recently launched Australian Wine Discovered education program – are amplifying positive sentiment, interest and excitement around the Australian wine category, and building trade and consumer demand for our wine and tourism offerings.

‘We are also increasing our presence on social media and e-commerce platforms globally to better speak with consumer audiences.

‘In the past, our resources have been largely trade focused; the $50m Package is allowing us to step up consumer engagement through digital media and connect with a larger audience’, he said.

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