Crittenden’s Savagnin wins big at Drink Easy Awards

Image: Crittenden Estate winemaker Rollo Crittenden

Crittenden Estate Cri de Coeur 2016 Savagnin has been awarded Australia’s Best Overall Drink in the 2021 Drink Easy Awards.

After Savagnin suffered something of an identity crisis from being misidentified to Australian growers as Albariño, the variety is performing well.

The true roots of the variety have been discussed by wine writers Max Allen and Jane Faulkner, and more recently in the May issue of the Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker by journalist Samuel Squire.

The variety calls the alpine regions between France, Germany and Switzerland home, but is finding itself new ground in Australian vineyards.

Crittenden Estate, in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula region, has been awarded for its Savagnin this year.

In a virtual ceremony hosted by comedian and wine personality Merrick Watts, Crittenden’s Savagnin took out top honours.

The national Drink Easy Awards recognise the country’s best makers across the categories of wine and spirits as well as cider, beer and non-alcoholic drinks.

“We knew we were in the running, having been announced as a finalist for the category ‘Best Wine’, but to win ‘Overall Best Drink’ was quite a shock!” said winemaker Rollo Crittenden.

Founded by hospo stars Tamrah Petruzzelli (Super Assembly), Duncan Welgemoed (Africola) and Mike Bennie (P+V), Drink Easy celebrates all streams of beverage creation and the culture that surrounds brewing, distilling, and fermenting.

The Cri de Coeur Savagnin won the major award over a whisky (Sullivans Cove’s Single Malt Whisky) and a non-alcoholic beverage (Ziggy’s Wild Foods’ Native Lilly Pilly, Lemon Myrtle & Wild Lavender Shrub).

“What makes this award even more humbling is the fact that the competition spans all beverage genres – from non-alcoholic through to spirits and everything in between,” said Rollo Crittenden.

“The team at Crittenden would like to thank everyone who has supported us on this crazy journey in producing such a challenging and obscure wine style and, in particular, to acknowledge the Drink Easy team for championing emerging drinks of all makes and models which may not have a home in conventional circles.”


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