Craggy Range appoints Aaron Drummond as director

Aaron Drummond. Image courtesy Craggy Range

Hawke’s Bay based Craggy Range has announced that Aaron Drummond has joined the board of directors. Drummond served as general manager at Craggy Range from 2015 until late 2022, when he and his family relocated back home to Australia.

Since returning to Australia, Drummond along with two partners, purchased Stonier Wines, bringing the iconic Mornington Peninsula producer back into local family hands. Drummond grew up on the Peninsula and co-founded a small boutique producer Circe Wines, before starting Grampians winery Fallen Giants with his sister Rebecca, which recently shot to prominence, winning the prestigious Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy in 2021.

Drummond has been passionate about fine wine all his life, starting his career at Mount Langi Ghiran before overseeing sales & marketing for the Rathbone Wine Group (Yering Station, Mount Langi Ghiran, Xanadu). Drummond moved to Craggy in 2015 and was also a member of the NZ Pinot 2021 Board and the Hawke’s Bay Wine Board.

“It is with great pleasure I can confirm that Aaron Drummond has now joined Craggy Range’s board. Aaron is a unique talent in the world of wine, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have Aaron’s continued involvement with us,” Terry Peabody, owner and founder of Craggy Range said.

“Craggy is an amazing fine wine producer that is now truly relevant on the world stage. I am honoured to be invited onto the board and look forward to continuing my involvement with Craggy and the Peabody family,” Drummond remarked.

The Craggy Range Board is chaired by Terry Peabody and includes, daughter Mary, son David, and NZ business leader Rob Fyfe.


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