Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker November edition launches

Cellar doors and DtC sales are the theme of the November issue of Grapegrower & Winemaker.

With more operators emerging from the shadow of lockdowns, journalist Samuel Squire provides an update on how the growth of DtC and cellar door sales are lifting business opportunities.

Viticulturist Sam Bowman provides guidance on planning a nutrition program in the vineyard.

Meantime, a new study undertaken by Agriculture Victoria Research provides insights into a new tool to identify phylloxera and highlights the next phase of research.

Simone Madden-Grey examines the integration of technology into organic grapegrowing through the trial of an advanced automated tractor system in New Zealand.

Ian Jeffery delves into the role of variable speed drives in improving pumping and refrigeration efficiencies in the winery.

For Behind the Top Drops, Sonya Logan talks to current Mount Pleasant chief winemaker Adrian Sparks and Phil Ryan, who was chief winemaker for 35 years, about the highly regarded Mount Pleasant Lovedale Semillon.

We also meet Young Gun Dan Graham, winemaker at Sigurd Wines.


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