ABEVE appointed new distributor for Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine

In preparation for the 2024 grape harvest, Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine are delighted to inform all winemakers that ABEVE will join their team and represent them across Australia and New Zealand.

Scott Kalms, the Managing Director of ABEVE is recognized for his professionalism and commitment to customer service, assets that will ensure a continuation of the distribution of Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine to it’s long standing customers and new wineries.

Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine would like to thank Phillipe Morin of French Oak Cooperage for his outstanding commitment and professionalism to introduce and develop the distribution of their barrels into the premium wineries across Australia for the last 15 years. We would like to wish him well as he embarks on a deserved retirement journey.

For introduction Tonnellerie d’Aquitaine is a family owned boutique cooperage that offers classic quality craftsmanship with a strong, innovative approach who create barrels known for their elegant characteristics. As a result of the long air seasoning and the slow toasting, Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine barrels are very delicate, and respectful of the fruit characteristics of the wine; oak flavours are well integrated into the wine, thus enhancing the finish on either red or white wines. They deserve to be part of the barrel portfolio for every premium wine in Australia and New Zealand.

ABEVE – Tonnellerie D’Aquaitaine

Article supplied by a third party contributor