28th edition of SIMEI showcases latest in technology for wine and grape sector

The 2019 edition of SIMEI, hosted more than 33,000 visitors from all over the world – an increase of 5 per cent compared to the last edition of the fair in 2015.

More than 500 exhibitors and 500 delegates from 90 countries took part in the event, which also included the liquid food, oil, beer and spirits industries.

“The great satisfaction shown by the exhibitors at this 28th edition is proof that SIMEI is not only a benchmark in the sector, but it is a trade fair that continues to grow and improve,”  said Ernesto Abbona, president of the Unione Italiana Vini.

“This year, the fair has been particularly successful in terms of its international flavour, high-level training events, great personalities and the ability to create business.

“SIMEI 2019 perfectly integrated the world of liquid foods and similar supply chains that, with oenology, increasingly share processes, production practices and, therefore, technologies and accessories.

“Great participation for the training events too that brought leading figures to the fair, from the famous French architect of the wineries Olivier Chadebost to the first world convention of Le Donne del Vino [Women in Wine], and innovative themes such as the evolution and the future of the use of wood in the cellar and the new techniques to develop sustainability at every production level,” Abbona said.

Donatella Cinelli Colombini, president of Le Donne del Vino association, described the Women in Wine convention as “an exciting experience, exceeding expectations”.

“I am sure that the next editions of the fair will see an even greater presence of women, especially in consideration of the data that has emerged for wine purchases, which today see women first among world buyers, also in the premium segment,” Colombini said.

The next edition of SIMEI will be held in 2021.