Langmeil Winery’s Message in a Bottle

Langmeil Winery is the first company to embrace the redesigned Barossa regional bottle with their 2016 Prime Cut Shiraz now appearing on shelves and tables across Australia, sporting the striking new livery.

The regional bottle was developed by Vinpac International and O-I in response to demands from Barossa winemakers for a package unique to the region.

Langmeil Winery CEO, Matthew McCulloch said regional bottles are a relatively new innovation to Australian wine packaging, although they have been used in Europe for over 80 years.

“This initiative is just one of many which will help us achieve our growth and sustainability plans,” he said.

Vinpac International national sales and supply manager, Lisa Ashby said she was delighted that Langmeil Winery had embraced the redesigned bottle.

“This is more than just another bottle.

“It is a marketing tool which will provide Barossa winemakers with an opportunity to attract more attention in a crowded market.

“The stylised “Barossa” in an embossed text, was designed to create an immediate visual link for consumers between the region and its award-winning wines in a tactile package to better engage customers in-store and at the table,” Ashby explained.


The Barossa regional bottle is better for the environment too.

It weighs 23% less than the bottle it replaces (Blockbuster, Hangin’ Snakes, Resurrection and Three Gardens) which will remove 2.04kg of glass per dozen bottles from the supply chain.

According to, a 20% reduction in a wine bottle’s weight saves 100g of CO2 emissions per bottle from packaging production and transportation.

As the launch partner for the Barossa Regional Bottle, it will be exclusive to Langmeil Winery in 2018 and will be rolled out across Langmeil Winery’s range of red wines retailing at less than AUD 25 per bottle.