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Weekend Wine Revolution

Location: Peel & Leigh Streets, Adelaide, SA


Event Date: 4-5 June 2021

Please check the organiser website for any changes due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]


The Weekend Wine Revolution is presented by 2021 Year of South Australian Wine.

For two days and two nights, South Aussie winemakers will storm Adelaide, hijacking the laneways, bars and restaurants of the West End to claim the hearts, minds and mouths of their city cousins.

Peel street and Leigh street will turn red with wine tastings from all 18 wine regions, dinners, events and entertainment.

Bottle your own wine at a bespoke bottling shed on Leigh Street and enjoy barrel charring demonstrations whilst listing to the tunes of The Bait Fridge Arts Collective, Gravity & Other Myths acrobats, Slow Mango musicians and Groundfloor Radio DJ’s.

So, take to the barricades, arm yourselves with a glass and get ready to stomp, swirl, spit and sing this June, when the wine revolution takes to town.

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