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ASVO Webinar: Managing texture phenolics and oxidation

Location: Online


Event Date: 13-27 October 2020

Please check the organiser website for any changes due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

Association: Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
Address: Level 1, Wine Industry House,
Cnr Botanic and Hackney Road,
Adelaide SA 5000
Telephone: 0488 488 416
Email: [email protected]


From a winemaking perspective, better tannin and color management is generally considered the most impactful way to improve wine quality and longevity

ASVO is pleased to announce, “The Phenolic Series.” During these three seminars, we will bring winemakers, researchers and wine technologists to share their knowledge and experience and provide attendees with methods and technologies to tackle the main questions raised when dealing with phenolics, texture and oxygen in wine.

This series will use a practical approach in order to deliver the most useful information about phenolic compounds in grapes and wine. ASVO offers this seminar to create a more complete understanding about the key chemical processes and technical tools that enhance structure, improve mouthfeel and prevent oxidation. Responsible for mouthfeel, texture, stability, longevity and aromas, phenolic compounds are essential parameters to manage for wine quality. Phenolic compounds are naturally present in various forms, depending on grape varieties, maturation conditions, winemaking process and wine ageing conditions. The origin and chemical structure of the phenolic compounds will define their role and interactions in winemaking.

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