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AWRI Webinar – Glutathione: what is it and why is it in my wine?

Location: Online - Adelaide


Event Date: 30 July 2020, 11.30am

Please check the organiser website for any changes due to COVID-19.

Contact Details

Association: The Australian Wine Research Institute
Telephone: (08) 8313 6600
Email: [email protected]


In 2015 the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) passed two resolutions recommending that reduced glutathione (GSH) be allowed to be used as an additive to grape juice or wine (OIV-OENO 445 and OIV-OENO 446). While pure GSH is still not a permitted additive, which would require inclusion in the food standards codes of individual wine-producing countries, GSH is, nonetheless, a component of many fermentation aids, is produced naturally by yeast during fermentation, and might one day become a permitted additive. This presentation will detail what GSH is, how its use is being considered in the context of winemaking, and reports on some work undertaken as part of a collaborative project between the AWRI and the University of Adelaide exploring its potential as a winemaking additive.


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