WineEng 2020 Virtual Stall: Separator Technology Solutions

Australian Designed Centrifuge

Separator Technology Solutions (STS) formed in 2005 are based in Melbourne with international subsidiaries in France, USA, South Africa and Chile. STS manufacture a varied range of Centrifuges – from “skid mounted” 5kl/hr models to 75kl/hr polishers to suit all your processing needs and boast the highest yielding potential of winery separators in the marketplace.

Some notable advancements in technology include:

• Upgrades for existing STS Series 20-25% flow rate increase

• ISOBARIC for charmat

• CPCS for Juice Float Lees – Finally, a solution offering high flow     rates + suitable clarity + high concentration of the bourbes / solids.

Parts + service for STS and “OEM” centrifuges – Genuine, OEM & Compatible, with considerable savings! Please contact us for more information.

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Blair Hanel
General Manager

Mobile: 0437 804 712

Email: [email protected]


Andrea Birrell
After Sales Service/Spare Parts

Mobile: 0429 415 150

Email: [email protected]