WineEng 2020 Virtual Stall: Pall

Oenoflow PRO XL Crossflow Systems

Oenoflow PRO XL Systems – Pall’s expertise at your fingertips.

Pall’s new Oenoflow PRO XL system simplifies process control for the modern winemaker by connecting your specific operation with Pall’s global experience. Oenoflow PRO XL systems deliver a first in its class technology to enhance filtration throughput and reduce filtration operating expenses.

The Oenoflow PRO XL system introduces Pall’s new Optimizer algorithm which automatically adjusts system settings in real time based on the wine’s individual physical and chemical characteristics. These optimized settings replace standard settings that are not efficient for every production cycle. The Oenoflow PRO Optimizer algorithm learns and adjusts settings to help wineries get the best results from each filtration.

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Ragan Wood
Systems Sales Specialist

Mobile: +61 419 139 910 

Email: [email protected]

Andrew DeBono
Key Account Manager – South Australia

Mobile: +61488 488 146

Email: [email protected]