WineEng 2020 Virtual Stall: JMA Engineering

JMA Engineering

JMA Engineering is a market leader in the building, construction and winery industries in South Australia and Australia. JMA Engineering has serviced the wine industry across Australia for over 35 years with the manufacture and construction of stainless-steel Sweep Arm Fermenters, Static Fermenters and Storage vessels including Structural requirements.

Continued support from the wine industry has seen JMA Engineering grow to be one of the most recognised and respected companies in this field. JMA Engineering has extended its manufacturing knowledge, producing stainless steel vessels for various other industries. Our experienced team ensures that through management and supervision, projects run to plan and on time, while maintaining the highest standards.

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Liam Amos
National Sales Manager

Mobile: 0419 532 697

Email: [email protected]

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

Mobile: 0409 459 860

Email: [email protected]