WineEng 2020 Virtual Stall: ifm Australia

Smarter Tank Farm Monitoring Solutions

Industry 4.0 is all the buzz now, but what does this mean to the wine industry?

  • What if you could monitor your winery remotely?

  • What if you could record important process information such as temperature to improve product consistency and provide traceability?

  • What if alarm notifications could be sent to mobile phones when the winery is unmanned?

  • What if you could obtain diagnostics information from sensors to predict problems?

  • What if you could replace sensors without the need for technical specialists to reprogram them?

All this is possible with the latest solution which is very affordable.   A complete system comprises smart sensors, IO-Link Ethernet modules, HMI’s / PLC’s and IoT software to monitor and record the data to make better decisions.

Contact ifm to find out more.

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Darryl Blackeby
Product Sales Manager

Mobile: 0408 084 317

Email: [email protected]

Freddie Coertze
Systems Solutions Manager

Mobile: 0439 148 769

Email: [email protected]