WineEng 2020 Virtual Stall: Della Toffola Pacific

Celebrating 60 years of pioneering winery tech

Della Toffola Pacific was launched to focus on the Australian, New Zealand & emerging Asian winery markets. Serving both large & small wineries and vineyards, as well as many other food/beverage producers, Della Toffola has over 60 years of experience in winemaking, food and beverage production equipment, packaging lines and stainless steel processing.

The extensive Della Toffola winemaking equipment range includes crusher destemmers, pumps, presses, fillers, labellers, flotation systems, ceramic membrane crossflow filters, other filters, stabilisation, refrigeration and fermentation equipment, as well as complete turnkey solutions. With an emphasis on innovation, Della Toffola has developed exclusive and unique technologies to produce higher quality wines, make the winemaking process more efficient and environmentally friendly. All equipment is backed up with expert local technical and engineering support, in addition to the availability of a wide range of spare parts. Additionally, Della Toffola manufactures, commissions and services a wide variety of other food and beverage processing equipment and technology – be it  treatment plants, brewery equipment or dairy production equipment.


Paul Baggio
Managing Director

Mobile: 0412 251 975

Email: [email protected]